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 Cardomon City, Northampton
 Wednesday, 23 January 2008
  restaurant factfile
  also reviewed 13 January 2008
  also reviewed 6 March 2007

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Guest comment
by Steve Battison, Northampton

The food was excellent and for this reason I have given a rating of 5.It would have been far higher but like an earlier review we had problems in getting to our table. If the restaurant does not take bookings for tables of 2 they should say so. My wife had booked by telephone but commented that the person taking the booking was so laid back he could have been in bed. On arrival it was clear no reservation had been made and talking to people in the bar all 2 bookings were having the same problem. It was almost 2 hours after arrival that the food arrived. I know this was a Saturday night but we had taken the time to book.

Would I go back? I do not know, the food was great but it will not take long for them to get a reputation, and I would never recommend the place to friends so I doubt I will return.

Get your act together!!!

Steve rated this 5 out of 10.