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 Eastern Paradise, Wolverton
 Thursday, 7 July 2005
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  also reviewed 19 July 2008
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  also reviewed 14 July 2005
  also reviewed 14 May 2002
  also reviewed 3 March 2000

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Guest review
by Alice, Milton Keynes

I am on the New Bradwell Ladies Cricket Team and Eastern Paradise are our main sponsor so as it was the skippers birthday we decided to have an evening out there. The food was beautiful. I had the King Prawn Tikka Masala and it was perfect. Cooked just right. And not a mean portion either! The restaurant was really relaxing and the service was very efficient. Even though I came with a large group they managed all the orders very well and I had a very enjoyable evening! Definitely worthy of a ten out of ten rating.

Alice rated this 10 out of 10.