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 Fort Kochi, Northampton
 Saturday, 12 July 2008
  restaurant factfile
  also reviewed 19 July 2008

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Guest comment
by Badgered, Northampton

My wife and I have eaten here a couple of times now and we've been very impressed. I've worked in southern India and visited Kerala and this is food I've been missing for years. Far healthier and lighter, there is a really delicious selection of vegetarian dishes, which can also be ordered as side orders to try.

The Masala Dosa is smashing - with a super sambar (spicy gravy). We'd recommend the bonda or vada as starters - a nice change from an onion bhaji! We've also tried a fish curry and prawn dishes that were also excellent. You should try an appam instead of a chappati for a change - a rice 'omlette' is what it looks like, but it behaves like bread for dipping purposes. And cold rice pudding to finish is a must. If you're bored with stodgy, over-spiced, boring, anglicised Indian food, give it a try.

Badgered rated this 10 out of 10.