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 Mem Saab, Northampton
 Monday, 14 January 2008
  restaurant factfile
  also reviewed 13 August 2006
  also reviewed 25 February 2006
  also reviewed 7 January 2006
  also reviewed 29 November 2005
  also reviewed 3 September 2005
  also reviewed 31 March 2005
  also reviewed 21 November 2001

Please note that we are unable to verify the impartiality of guest reviewers, so readers should use their own judgement.

Guest review
by Andrew, Northampton

Live maggot in the salad! My wife and I visited with another couple. Mem Saab is in a great old building with smart decor and good ambiance. We had a drink before being shown to the table, so far so good. Our order was taken and staff were pleasant. Two mouthfuls into our main course and my wife found a live wriggling maggot in the salad. I was convinced it had to be a white caterpillar but she was having none of it. This type of situation is a major test for a restaurant and I'm afraid Mem Saab failed. I could tell that not only had other diners nearby realised something was very wrong but also some of the waiting staff, but they just ignored the commotion. When we finally did get a waiter's attention he really didn't know what to do and initially was going to disappear to get somebody else without even removing the offending salad. When somebody else arrived (presumably more senior) they also seemed a bit flummoxed.

They offered to replace the salad which didn't appeal! Unfortunately my wife's experience really put everybody else on our table off their meal too and we just picked at our food, leaving half of it before asking for the bill. One might expect them to waive the bill but when they did present it, one of our party was so in-sensed that she demanded to speak to the Manager. Finally the food bill was waived but they still charged us for the drinks. When a restaurant fails to wash a salad before serving and a customer finds a live insect in it, damage limitation is paramount. Had Mem Saab been overly apologetic and assured us immediately that we would not be charged and even offered a bottle of wine on the house I would have been less inclined to write a negative review. As it was they let us and themselves down.

Andrew rated this 1 out of 10.