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 Purple Mango, Milton Keynes
 Wednesday, 30 November 2005
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Please note that we are unable to verify the impartiality of guest reviewers, so readers should use their own judgement.

Guest review
by Bill, Milton Keynes

This was a real disappointment after reading previous reviews. The setting is great, the ambience super. Sadly the thing that really makes a restaurant a great one, the food, didn't live up to the promise. The service is excellent and friendly. After simple papadums and relish which was promising, I ordered a mixed starter and main courses of lamb passanda with basmati rice and a chicken biriani. The mixed starter was OK, with a good balance of spices.

However, the main courses were very disappointing. Bland and rather tasteless, the lamb was flavourless and overwhelmed by a cloying sauce which was devoid of any sense of fresh Indian ingredients. It could have been boil in the bag!

As for the basmati rice, flavourless and greasy, it was similar in texture to "Uncle Ben's" easy cook. The chicken biriani was equally devoid of flavour and substance and accompanied by a vegetable curry which could have come from a tin. Sorry guys, this was a real let down and something I was really looking forward to. Maybe it was too early on a Tuesday evening (6:30) for the chefs to have warmed up.

Bill rated this 2 out of 10.