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 Saffron, Northampton
 Sunday, 20 January 2008
  restaurant factfile
  also reviewed 13 December 2001

Please note that we are unable to verify the impartiality of guest reviewers, so readers should use their own judgement.

Guest review
by Craig, Northampton

I have ordered many times from the Saffron for a delivery to my home, in 2006 my partner and I felt that the standard was slipping and that they didn't really care about the regular custom we were showing so we changed to another local Indian.

By the standard slipping I mean that a starter would be dry and bland whereas previously it would have been superb etc. Don't get me wrong the customer service on the phone was always extremely polite and helpful (and they love it when the lady of the house phones up, the charm is enviable!)

We got to 2008 and we decided to try them again to see if they had reverted back to their original standards and yes mainly they had.

On a cold night in Jan 2008 we (or I really at this point) ordered a Shami Kebab starter which was lovely and presented well, then I had a Chicken Madras and a portion of Mushroom Rice with a Keema Nan a side of Mushroom Bhaji and a poppadom.

The starter was lovely, the madras was asked for between the strength of madras and vindaloo as previous dishes had been quite bland. This was not really the case as I would have expected a curry to entertain my mouth much more than it did, I don't believe I broke into a sweat once (that's unusual!). I have to say the mushroom bhaji was tasty but very watery (if that's a word)

The keema nan was lovely with plenty of keema? inside and cooked well. We ordered 1 poppadom and got 2 which were lovely also.

The rice was very tasty, no complaints there!

It was a shame about the curry itself, but it can depend on the chef on the night, having said that I pay the same every night so it's not my problem.

I would definitely suggest trying this curry house as a takeaway or to deliver to your door, as the food is very tasty! But be aware if you ask for a delivery to your home, the older man who delivers will give you your food then purposely delay to try and get a tip!!

We will try the restaurant at some point which I am sure will be superb.

Craig rated this 8 out of 10.