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 Abdels, Newport Pagnell
 Tuesday, 14 March 2000
  takeaway factfile

Being in Newport Pagnell, the obvious hosts for this takeaway were IanD and SharonO. Having phoned the order through earlier, we only had to wait a few minutes for the food to appear, but enough time to sample the Bombay Mix in the waiting area. As delivery was free, we enquired as to whether a discount was available for collected orders, which we duly received. A few popadoms were also thrown in free and after further persuasion, a few more were added.

SteveB declined a starter, but the other 3 opted for the usual Onion Bhajis which were of the spherical variety (2 of). The consensus was that they were tough and chewy and perhaps lacked a little in the way of onions.

While the rest devoured their starters, SteveB made a start on his good sized portion of Chicken Bhuna. This consisted of large tender pieces of Chicken in a tasty sauce, with a portion of Pilau Rice that was average. IanD thought he would try out a Chicken Piaza, without any extra toppings. In fact, this turned out to be a Dopiaza with lots of chicken and onions in a thickish, deceptively spicy sauce. Unfortunately his Plain Nan was only fit for re-soling his shoes. For a change, SharonO decided upon a Chicken Shashlick. Well marinated and cooked to perfection was her opinion of the Chicken, but what let the side down was the greasy tomato, onions and green peppers, obviously not cooked on a skewer. As PhilS likes dishes with long names, he had a Chicken Tikka Masalla, not noticing that the 'Chilli' part was missing. This resulted in a totally different dish from what was expected. It was mild, with a very cocunuty sauce. Nevertheless, tasty if you're into mild curries. The portion was a little on the small side though. The Pilau Rice that went with this dish was more like boiled rice with a few bits in it.

There certainly seems to be room for improvement in the food at Abdul's, but it wasn't too bad to stop us visiting again. Without the discount, then we perhaps we would think again

The Scores


Which gives an overall rating of 3 bhajis.

Chicken Piaza2.5IanD
Chicken Tikka Masalla3.5PhilS
Chicken Shashlick3SharonO
Chicken Bhuna3.5SteveB