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 Aladdins Balti Hut, Northampton
 Wednesday, 20 June 2001
  restaurant factfile
  also reviewed 1 October 2006
  also reviewed 28 January 2000

A second visit to Aladdins and eighteen months on not much has changed. The menu looked the same - some prices had been increased by putting sticky labels over the old ones and writing in the new. The décor was slightly tattier and the jungle was still in need of a trim. We found the place almost empty again except for the table slap bang next to the one we were given. After the revolting beer we'd been served the last time, this time we opted to bring our own as the menu said this was perfectly acceptable for a small charge.

Once again we weren't offered popadoms so went straight on to the starters. Unusually there were 5 onion bhajis in a portion of them. Crispy outside but nice and moist and well flavoured. The lamb tikka was as tough as old boots and as we tried to hack our way through the meat, the knife bounced off and the minging, accompanying salad flew across the table! We had 3 massive pots of condiments (but not the excellent chilli sauce we had last time) and we still managed to empty one of them.

The Balti Chicken Dansak was absolutely scadding (Scottish for hot, as in temperature). A huge portion which contained a reasonable amount of meat. The sauce was nice and spicy but perhaps a little on the runny side. Nevertheless, a good dish. The Balti Chicken Dopiaza was also quite pleasant but not as huge. The Balti Chicken Bhuna was also quite pleasant. Unfortunately, the Balti Chicken Madras was served in a well used wok so the flavour was completely overshadowed by a horrible metallic taste. As usual, all the sauces were the same slime, worryingly grey concoction. For once the nans were consistently good particularly the keema. Nice and crisp but not brittle with keema oozing out every orifice of the nan.

Although once again the service at Aladdin's was a bit on the relaxed side, the staff were certainly very friendly. We didn't get a free calendar this time. Instead we were stung by the "small" £1 per head service charge for bringing our own drinks. The bhaji rating has improved since our last visit despite losing heavily on the value for money front due to the excessive corkage charge.

The Scores


Which gives an overall rating of 3.5 bhajis.

Balti Chicken Dopiaza3.5IanD
Balti Chicken Dansak4PhilS
Balti Chicken Bhuna3.5SteveB
Balti Chicken Madras2VishalS