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 Araminta's, Northampton
 Friday, 17 November 2000
  takeaway factfile
  also reviewed 24 April 2006

After months of hint dropping from SteveB, we finally decided to visit his local. The order was phoned through and a collection time of 20 minutes was quoted, which was met despite there being several other people waiting. As we arrived a few minutes early, we were able to watch the order being finished off in the open kitchen. The seating area was upholstered in a flock design material - SteveB obviously took his scanner down one evening to copy the design for this site. Some glacier fruits were available on the counter, but no Bombay Mix.

Disappointingly there were no free popadoms thrown in with the order, and even worse the starters had gone cold in the few minutes it took to get back to the house. Both lots of Onion Bhajis were rather dense and undercooked, but PhilS didn't think much to the taste while the others thought they were OK. Although they looked uninviting, the Sheek Kebabs were quite good but lacked spiciness. There was plenty of salad, onions and splatter - one of which was a strange brown sludge which didn't add anything in the flavour department.

As PhilS declined the Chicken Pathia, IanD went for this instead. The sauce was very spicy and contained many pieces of chicken, although they were on the large side and a bit dry, which was consistent with the other dishes. SteveB unusually went for a Chicken Dopiaza, again with plenty of meat in a good sauce. PhilS had a Chicken Madras which wasn't the hottest he had ever tried, but nevertheless a tasty sauce.

Two portions of Keema Rice and a portion of Pilau Rice accompanied the meals - the consensus being that the rice was good with the former having plenty of keema mixed in.

The meal was finished off with some of IanD's homemade Kulfi, with the choice of Malai and Pistachio flavours.

It would appear that our only gripes about this takeaway came from its starters and the choice of chicken in the main dishes. Apart from that, there were no other major complaints. Although some of the dishes on the menu were a little pricey (perhaps they contain better meat), there were plenty of cheaper ones to choose from and with the 10% discount on orders over £10, this made them even more reasonable.

The Scores


Which gives an overall rating of 3.5 bhajis.

Chicken Pathia3.5IanD
Chicken Madras3.5PhilS
Chicken Dopiaza3.5SteveB