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 The Bengal Tiger Takeaway, Olney
 Friday, 1 December 2000
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Our previous two visits to Olney had been rather disappointing so we were hoping for third time lucky. First impressions were promising as the takeaway was situated down a passageway off the main street, had conspicuous bars over the windows and metal reinforcements on the door. Inside was fairly basic with a padded bench seat, TV and various old copies of the Sun. No Bombay mix was available, though this may have been withdrawn after IanD's last visit! Our order was ready in about 25 minutes, a few minutes early of our quoted half an hour (deliveries were quoted for about 1 hour).

Surprisingly, 2 portions of Onion Bhaji and a Sheek Kebab were ordered. The general opinion was that the Bhajis had a good texture and tasted fine, although PhilS thought his was slightly bland. However, the Kebabs were not very spicy, and a little bland, not being helped by the fact they had been overcooked and were rather dry. The starters came with 2 half filled pots of tasty mint sauce and a sparse, but interesting salad - it contained a humungous slice of cucumber.

IanD spotted an unheard of dish on the menu, so had to try it. Unfortunately, he was disappointed by the Chicken Donia. It contained plenty of the promised coriander but there wasn't much else going for the sauce. SteveB's Chicken Rogan had a good tomatoey sauce with plenty of tender chicken pieces, though lacking somewhat in spiciness. A Chicken Pathia was PhilS's choice, which had a rather pleasant and spicy sauce containing tender pieces of chicken although they were rather few and far between. The usual 3 portions of Pilau Rice completed the dishes, which were fine apart from the pieces of cinnamon left in it.

Fortunately for the people of Olney, there is somewhere to get a decent curry at a decent price. Perhaps having it delivered may be the better option if you are on your own late at night, but don't let this put you off. For orders over £10 there is either free delivery or 10% off if collected.

The Scores


Which gives an overall rating of 4 bhajis.

Chicken Donia2.5IanD
Chicken Pathia4PhilS
Chicken Rogan4SteveB