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 Saffron, Northampton
 Thursday, 13 December 2001
  restaurant factfile
  also reviewed 20 January 2008

The Euro Asia is no more. In its place is what appears to be a hair salon. Those wise to the current trends in the curry industry will realise that it's actually another Indian restaurant. In keeping with the current trend, the décor was fairly minimalist with plain turquoise walls. The staff all wore blue uniforms that looked remarkably similar to ex-Russian military uniforms. They were friendly enough, and of the 4 waiters 3 of them asked whether we wanted popadoms! It was not too busy for a Thursday in the run up to Christmas, there was a big group already there when we arrived and two or three couples turned up later on. Despite the big group, the service was very prompt.

In keeping with tradition, we opted for the onion bhaji and sheek kebab starters. Two huge sheek kebabs arrived on a sizzler and generated so much smoke they set off the smoke detector! Tasty and spicy, near perfect. The bhajis, 4 in a serving, were fairly bland, tasteless and either a bit stodgy or dry inside. Fortunately there was plenty of splatter to improve the flavour.

The Chicken Dhansak had a nice and spicy thick sauce that contained plenty of reasonably cooked chicken. The Chicken Tikka Korai arrived so hot it was still bubbling away for several minutes after it was placed on the table. A tasty thick sauce, with plenty of onions and green peppers, and good tender chunks of chicken. The Chicken Pathia was cold in temperature and not overly spicy. Nevertheless, the portion was massive and the different flavours combined to make this an excellent choice. In hindsight, we could have stacked it on the korai to warm it up a bit. And then came the nans. They were terrible. They were just too thick and doughy around the edges, and raw in places yet burnt in others - not well cooked at all. Whilst the garlic nan at least had some taste of garlic, the "stuffing" in the keema nans seemed to be just red colouring rather than any actual meat. Our last Northampton curry provided us with the best nans we'd ever tasted and this time we had the worst.

Saffron is another one of them nouvelle-tandoori joints but with one big difference - they have not over-inflated their prices to provide substandard food - they've kept them the same as in the Euro Asia days. The service is good, the staff are not too pushy although we only need to be asked once if we want popadoms. We'll probably make a return visit - perhaps avoiding the onion bhajis and the nans.

The Scores


Which gives an overall rating of 3.5 bhajis.

Chicken Pathia3.5IanD
Chicken Dhansak4PhilS
Chicken Tikka Korai4.5SteveB