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 Tamarind, Northampton
 Wednesday, 1 June 2005
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  also reviewed 14 January 2008
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  also reviewed 17 June 2007
  also reviewed 5 June 2005

Another trendy upmarket type of restaurant with modern décor - very smart. We'd booked a table on the off-chance that they might be too busy to squeeze in 8 on-spec diners. Although the place was fairly busy, there was still plenty of room so we needn't have worried.

The 'Selection of snacks' (onion bahaji, sheek kebab and chicken tikka) seemed tempting on the menu at a mere £4.50. However, some shrewd questioning by IanD revealed that you didn't even get half a portion of each so instead, we ordered the standard starters. The bhajis consisted of four small balls, all with perfect consistency but a little bland on the taste front. We've had better and we've certainly had much worse. Disappointingly, the sheek kebabs didn't arrive a sizzler but did come with masses of fried onions and turned out to be excellent. Each starter had it's own pot of splatter and the obligatory mini salad.

The portions for the main dishes were deceptively generous! The Chicken Hundy had plenty of chicken, large onion pieces and a tasty sauce. PhilS snagged the Chicken Pathia which turned out to be very fruity and well flavoured if a little lacking in the spice department (though coming from PhilS, this probably means his mouth stopped burning before midnight!). A new dish for IanD - Chicken Hariyo Khursani. This was declared excellent - very spicy with a good thick gunky sauce with loads of ingredients. In all dishes, some of the chicken was a bit dry but in general, everything was well cooked. We had a variety of nans which were nothing special. The keema nan was a bit underfilled.

Despite being busy, the service at Tamarind was excellent and unhurried.

The Scores


Which gives an overall rating of 4 bhajis.

Chicken Hariyo Khursani5IanD
Chicken Pathia4PhilS
Chicken Hundy4SteveB